Little Times Matter Big

No practice today,
An afternoon delight,
Not that kind,
But a poke, right in the arm,
A shot,
A medical Hail Mary
To prevent a potential sickness,
A seemingly inevitable occurrence,
Influenza, the forgotten virus.

I hardly even noticed the prick,
I was in too much of a hurry to get home.
A book about breathing played in the car
I took the curves safely, huffing and puffing into the house,
Sat with some munchies, and
Watched David Sedaris teach me things about writing
I’ve been to scared to try.
Yet, I had just gotten a flu shot without worry,
My heart rate actually went down as I waited
For the nurse to find the sweet spot,
Again, nothing like that,
Something with the bar scan on the syringe.

While I absorbed the on point knowledge from the sharpest of writers,
I saw visions of a running friend in a kilts,
Had thoughts of changing the intensity of my eating from snack to snacking
For I was active, a verb, wrecking havoc on a bowl filled with candy, and
Wondering when we’d all ever get to run together…mask free…
The backdoor slider…(really)…was open
The cool temperatures more comfortable than the arctic chillers at work.
Snacking turned to dining, how’s that, yo?
Bagels and oatmeal, Sinatra on the TV,
My hanging partner saying that with Mom at work,
“It’s like we’re in college,”
Of course, that’s without the booze and crumbs everywhere
Because after all, Mom will come home
And things better be just right.

Such a beautiful afternoon,
The haze and confusion of virtual instruction lifted,
The dull ache of almost seasons
Displaced for just a few hours.

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