Another Monday is Coming

Do we?

My problem is that I have become one of those people,
The kind who must know the destination before setting on,
Before beginning.
I’ve become an backwards processor,
Wanting to know what I am building towards,
Unable to go blindly into whatever people have in store for us.

I don’t want to develop norms of behavior,
Especially with people I’ve known for over thirty years,
We get it, work together,

We do.

I’ve done these things before, many times,
The vocabulary changes, the paperback books have different colors,
The authors are the interchangeable, published before perishing.

And there is my problem, novelty isn’t real, purpose is uncertain,
Recycling really only happens in education, where ideas come, go, and
Come back again as the latest greatest educational tool gooing…
Yes, I meant “gooing” because what is happening drips like slime,
Its long, slow dollops nothing more than a waste of time.
Time that could be spent in the classroom working with students.

That’s what we do.

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