How’d I Let That Happen?

It started with compelling ideas,
A day unlocked, practical writing wisdom
Shared in the dark of a morning
Through a Masterclass from David Sedaris.
I felt supercharged,
Then Jocko and Goggins chimed in.
Walls were ready to be broken down
Because my mind was wide open,
Ready roll, and full of the creative juices
That have been missing for awhile.

Apologies for the name dropping,
No not really, consider those citations,
Not in some gussied up style, but
In an appreciation of what they shared.
Be consistent (Sedaris, 2020)
Challenge yourself in spite of fears (Jocko, 2020).
The rain is a metaphor, mofo (Goggins, every effing day).
Yeah, I’m taking liberties with the academic form, but
It’s important to know,
I was ready to go.


The brick and mortar was tough today.
Kids were still at home, wrestling with the digital demon
While we were left to answer emails, talk to the computer, and
Try to make sense of the idea that we must work together…Duh.
We played a game, loosely titled “Reform”
Where we tried to list all of the educational initiatives started
And abandoned in the time we had been teaching
Which for the four of us is approaching the century mark.
The board that we write on with dry erase markers was nearly covered.
The laughter was sad.

And I was broken, first thinking it was just a computer cold,
You know, how you feel sluggish from staring at a screen all day.
Then I began to realize that the walls were sucking the life from me,
Stealing my soul in a way that Goggins would not appreciate,
For instead of giving me energy, I was wilting.
I had no excuses. I was letting the job get to me. It’s me, Jocko.
The whole thing, the union, the admin, the lack of thought,
My consternation, it was all too much and
The energy from the morning was gone, I became nothing more than an
Old man falling asleep on the couch while sitting up when I got home.

Tomorrow is Saturday. (The end of the vignette, DS…)

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