Just Another Day In Virtual Reality

On this day when we debated
The self-esteem of the hash taggers
Who question every little thing
In a cause laden way, we couldn’t decide,
Genuine anger about an injustice or
A pathetic attempt at validation of their insecurities?

Of course we weren’t talking about anything serious,
Just the state of sports in Philadelphia,
The sensitivity around whatever shaming is trending, or
The precarious state of delicate shoulders
When trying to make a pendulum swing.
Nothing too serious to us.

I wonder what happens in the wild,
Do the giraffes get upset when the other animals mock their necks?
The elephants? The hippos?
Are the lions called bullies? Coyotes thugs?
How does that work out there in the wild?
I know, we aren’t the same.

Maybe this big, energy devouring brain we have is too much.
Perhaps in our rise to the top of some evolutionary peak
We have fallen prey to our egos, our psyche, our Bable bred confusion.
We no longer have the guile to know when to shut up,
How to steer clear of the drawing attention to ourselves,
To coexist around a watering hole.

We’ve lost the ability to appreciate things, mostly each other,
Becoming injected with anger, even in the pursuit of something good,
All we can do is go for the mats, but the worst
Is that we’ve made everything drama, put on blast with voices not understanding
That when everyone screams, nobody can hear.

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