This day,
When anatomical terms became shaming,
Endomorphic, equated by a virtual learning student
One who could not show a face on camera
Or even speak to my colleague directly, but felt empowered
To zoom, zoom, zoom-a-zoom with the principal,
To call the term a form of “fat shaming,”

But that’s not the, “wow,”
For this day started with an impactful bike ride
When the “YouTube” brought some philosophy in the form of gratitude
My day proceeded to be full of awareness,
I’m boycotting “being mindful” because I don’t like the way it’s being used,
However, I was aware of a lot,
My role as a teacher, my new found ability to shut up, the taste of chili at lunch,
Man, I was aware of it all.

Yet, it was the fifteen minutes before I sat to write that brought the, “wow,”
Courtesy of my boy, I don’t really know him, Wim Hof.
I’ve gotten back to training my breathing, again,
This was the second time this week for Wim.
The first was refreshing and accompanied with some serious hot Flashes during the breath holding.
Tonight, though, was better, the flashes came with some weird feeling in my joints
And when the third round was over…
Something released in my brain, a flood of colors zoomed into view.
Purple was the most vibrant, changing shapes,
Going Dali and sliding around like 8-D music recordings.

I kept my eyes closed until the last of the purple was gone,
When my joints were absolutely relaxed,
As my body temperature returned to that of a cool Autumn’s day.


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