“Solitude v Silence reveal Christ v One Way” (notes in a margin)

Solitude: the state or situation of being alone

Silence: Complete absence of sound


The moment is now,
Heart keeping a simple beat,
Mind letting go of noise,
The kind that distracts,
Brings others into the non-thinking process
Let her go, she does not understand,
I’m walking that fine line,
Belief, commitment, distraction,
More and more feeling alone,
A place of discomfort in this time,
A goal to complete my spiritual commitment
To be true to what I’m believing, striving for, seeing clearly,
She can’t know, won’t know, doesn’t want to know,
I know, because she doesn’t share,
Sits in silence,
Leaving me in solitude,
Her truth walking on water,
Mine a beggar, stingy, thinking only of myself.
I know,


Note: This is from a project I’m working out to create poems from a book full or “margin notes.” Hack investigative work has the original owner of the book getting divorced around the time he wrote the notes (1930ish). His notes are at the top of the post.

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