After the Shock

Schoology ghosted me today, I mean really went after my soul, Trying to take my spirit. I said, “Goooood.” That should have sounded like a grizzled combat veteran Something I could imitate, but never replicate. Although, I understand Jocko’s message. Goooood… All of my planning, something I thought Schoology protected Went poof into the digital wasteland Without an explanation or even the touch of the delete button. Goooood… My adversity, nothing like battle, gave a relative hurt, Who wants to go back and recreate all that stuff, but I was left with another thought, freedom. Goooood… I was no longer bound to my past lessons, No longer tied to the ways of before, Forced to start over. GOOOOOD! Now I can go my way, Follow a path I believe is right Sink or swim on my own merits. Freedom.

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