So much unknown,
The whole world seems in upheaval,
Lately, my focus has been local,
Wondering what will happen with schools,
How sports will ever get to be played,
Will I make it to retirement,
Really not so global in my thinking,
But with the world shrunk down to a computer screen
It’s easy to get lost in self.

So the opportunity to exploit this was before me,
Sitting there with a “Kick Me” sign waiting on me,
For too long, I’ve been running, riding, lifting,
Focusing on the physical, gaining endurance,
Developing strength, getting stiff.
Over in the corner of my home gym rested a bench,
A home made meditation bench,
That let the toxic vapors escape the psyche when I used it.

Before COVID I was on it, since COVID, not so much,
Today was the time, time to get back to more than brute force,
To get back in touch with a freer pursuit.
I folded my limbs into a position of relaxation.
Quads balked, ankles rebelled, but the mind was resolute
Peace was supreme, and my meditative flow sound,
A subtle lumbar pop, a great granting of something known

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