A Few Clues For THose Who Know

An interesting day,
Early rising to a dark morning,
Words hitting paper under great duress
Only because summer vacation is nearly over
And thoughts of school are beginning to sprout.

A cracked windshield led to a long walk
The sights of old haunts bringing memories alive,
A parking garage, once an over packed lot,
A corner bar after disc spinning jamming ZZ Top,
The smell of boxwoods taking me down south
Each sight, each smell, all of the senses
Back in action as I wandered the 104’s streets

As if the walk wasn’t enough to clear my haze,
My brain was feeding on SEAL knowledge,
The kind that makes a person think,
Some discipline, some accountability,
With more, I could be better than I’m doing.
I should be able to find challenges, accept risk, and be smarter,
Smart enough to realize I can be better.

That was it, I was a blank sheet of paper, at least mentally
Ready for something I have been sparring with,
Long term planning, short term thinking,
Getting to where I want to be, starting now, traveling,
Finding comfort in an uncertain future,
Being disciplined, holding myself accountable.

Somewhere into a medium chicken cheesesteak,
Probably when I was washing it down with caffeine free root beer,
I realized that my time is now,
To be Red, not Brooks, because a lifetime in an institution
Should not be a death sentence and I’ve got a life to live
Scared or not, it’s time to find out.

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