It’s funny, at least to me,
One day when I burned dirty fuel on a run,
Early school year frustration leaves a big carbon footprint,
The next day, when the pallet is deemed clean
The purest energy left me dragging on the trails.

And it was great,
Even with the mosquitos, gnats, whatever other bugs,
With the ruts worn in the trail from the heavy rains,
The loose rocks and bulging roots, all trying to trip me,
So much better than running angry.

There were moments when my lungs couldn’t take in air,
When my legs felt like they weren’t attached,
My thoughts drifted and I lost my sense of self
Pausing a moment to talk to some guy,
His t-shirt said, “Star Wars 1977.”

I was there then, stuck in line forever,
My parents looking out for us in the Newmarket Mall
Long before Disney would hoard the movie,
But that has nothing to do with this run,
Other than the joy I felt after waiting two hours for tickets.

I’ll make it back to this new trail again,
Hopefully, the humidity will be a lot lower then,
I can’t wait to hit it after a freeze
After the bugs are gone, the rocks are frozen to the ground, and
I back on track with trail running.

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