Keeping On

How does one know when age is setting in?
Why can’t there be some definitive number?
I’d like to know.
This week started so great,
A couple of quick runs, two good workouts,

Lots of food, plenty of water, really good sleep,
But the tropics are pumping that humidity
And I’d like to blame my late week malaise on that,
I fear, however, the time is catching up with me
The runs? Too fast. The lifting? Fit for a kid.
Maybe I am one of those domino dots,
In line for the inevitable fall.

Eff that, the last two run, solid,
Quick for an old guy.
Instead of beating it up with iron,
A good amount of stretching, maybe adding some suppleness,
Flexibility… I’ve never been known for that,
Physical or mental, it’s nice to improve both of those.
Yeah, I’m getting older.

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