How Does the Song Go, Crash?

I’ve grown weary,
Some might call me old,
My daughter did the other day
After we rode sixteen miles and
I changed my shirt in the parking lot
Next to the trail,
All proud of my fitness gains
When she said,
“White chest hairs, you’re old.”

That’s not why I’m weary,
I’ve just grown tired of uncertainty.
We’re open, we’re not, you’re teaching this way,
You’re not, he said, she said, guidance, no guidance.
It’s too much waffling,
Too much dodging,
Way too many chestnuts…see Goggins.
I’m just soooo,

When I was a kid, I didn’t think adults knew anything,
They talked about their hard upbringings,
The lessons they had learned,
I thought they were dumb.
Now I’m an old guy, tasked with teaching the yutes,
And I still think the adults are lacking.
I’m not sure where that leaves me
Probably in the old grumpy guy zone,
With wisps of white chest hair.

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