Months of uncertainty,
Rumors flying around like spotted lantern flies,
The orange one playing the country for fools, and
My List on Netflix letting me down.

It’s not all bad, but it’s getting harder to find the good,
Phillies shutting it down,
Ideas not flowing,
Futures in doubt.

All I really wanted was a good movie,
I devote so little time to long films,
I’ve been saving one for the whole summer,
For just the right moment.

Tonight was it,
After a simple dinner of grilled chicken, couscous, and peas,
Tonight would be the time,
To sit down for a couple of hours.

One of my favorite directors,
Some of my favorite actors,
A timely flick to mirror the current times,
I was all in, ready for, “wow.”

I got, “eh.”
There were so many plot lines I never could dig in,
Each one could have been a movie on their own,
And I wished this had been a series instead of a movie.

Yet, I’m glad I watched, because the message,
The take aways on systemic racism, our need to end that, and
The coincidence of watching on this day of mourning and insanity
More than made up for my complaints about the film.

So maybe I wrote too fast earlier,
Netflix didn’t let me down, a rush to judgment let me down for
I’m better because of those two hours.
Peace, y’all.

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