Yesterday was hot,
Temperatures up, stairs up, tempers up,
It’s was one of those days.

My son was moving,
From a ground floor apartment,
To a third floor loft,
In an old row home.
That’s right, narrow stairs,
Steep stairs,
Lots of effing stairs.

The moving crew,
My daughter,
‘Nuff said.

Things went well,
Just hot, my clothes soaked,
But we were done with the heavy lifting quickly,
Maybe just an hour or so of moving.

Today, however, I’m exhausted,
Tired legs, sore back, a return of the clicking neck,
It’s like I got older over night.

Then today, a trip to the eye doctor,
There’s no delaying anymore,
It’s back to full time frames, the surgery has run its course,
The readers have met their end,
Sunglasses are finished,
It’s time for progressive-transitions
Which is exactly what I think getting older is,
A progressive transition.

Later today, it’s the dreaded dentist,
I hate that experience.
Next week blood work,
For no other reason than I haven’t seen a doctor in,
A long time.

The last time was traumatic,
Leading to a complete flushing of my innards,
Some interesting cinematic experiences, and
The best Monte Cristo sandwich ever.
Come to think of it, maybe the last one I’ve had
Since I went to the doctor last.

At least that won’t show up in my lipid profile.

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