Television Is That Bad

Those of a certain age might remember…
Starsky and Hutch.
Often, I would stay with my grandparents for the weekend
And I’m pretty sure the classic 70s crime drama would be on,
My grandmother hated that show,
She would not let me watch it,
But she and my grandfather went to be early,
I turned the TV on, keeping the volume very low,
Just so I could see that crazy car fly around town,
Never fitting into a parking space, and the guys solving crimes.

Today was a mess, I dealt with the media behemoth,
You know the one, it owns the peacock,
Which is another poem, a middle school memory,
Kind of something I have to own,
Pride, ego, strutting, getting called out,
But anyway, after a great while on the phone
I risked life and limb to get a new router.
It works great and somehow my bill is less than it was,
I don’t understand how, but in the process
Two old friends returned,
Yep, Starsky and Hutch.

I’ve watched three episodes now,
Hit men tried to kill the pair, or so it seems,
Two bad guys killed a car dealers wife, and
A secretary was arranging hits from inside the po-po.
How could my grandmother have objected to these shows?
There have been drugs, shootouts, stereotyping, and
All sorts of underworld mayhem.
By today’s standards, I’m not sure this show ever gets on, so
Point for G.G.… Oh snap, the Roku channel has La Femme Nikita?
What could she possibly say about that?

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