What I Saw

This morning, an off day,
I headed out with my dog
For what would be a short walk
Because he does not like the heat.
It was early, the night’s moisture still heavy,
The sun just starting to blaze.
We headed for a new place,
The next district over,
A rival of sorts, but lots of good folks over there.

Pandemic air is clearing and stuff is coming back
Stuff like sports, including cross country.
Thank goodness for the kids,
They need to be together, learning, competing,
Hell, just being kids
And there were a bunch of them having a run,
It looked like a cross country practice
A lot of runners,
All smiling, laughing, and sticking together.

E and I kept driving, heading around the circle
Making it to the park,
Social distancing, masks, old people, new normal.
I sure prefer the old way,
Hanging with my mates, running without fear,
And I’m scared things will never go back,
That we are too afraid.
I know that sounds callous, unfeeling, maybe delusional, but
If there’s practice, shopping, work, there can be school, too.

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