Sixty Cents

So tired,
The hills of suburban Philly are wearing me out.
Thank goodness my friends are still out there,
I figure the weekend runs will be good,
If they are anything like the last two days,
I’ll deal with the hills.

“Ask” as a noun,
I can’t even figure out how to write that.
Too familiar squirrels,
People are getting out, reclaim the land, yo.
Graduations on cassette,
Not to worry, houses sell for big money over there.
Pitching tents,
“If a car hits me now, I’ve lived a good life.”

I know these are all inside lines,
Hard to understand, but trust me,
You would be better off if you knew,
The laughter is great, the ridiculousness needed.
And every now and then, there’s some peach cobbler.
Maybe the fatigue is due to more than the hills.

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