Getting Back

The vacation started just as pandemic restrictions lifted.
The vacation ended just as pandemic restrictions came back.
I’m not sure why, but we can’t learn,
We exist in denial,
We fear every breath, and
It’s bullshit.

I noticed that attitude while walking today,
For three weeks, my outdoor exercising had been so polite,
Pedestrians mattered, cars would stop for people to cross,
But today, my life was in peril,
Cars zooming here and there, little regard for the road’s side.
I missed that politeness.

Which takes me to social distancing and masks,
Pandemic stuff, people not respecting the new ways,
Not caring about others, not seeing the whole road.
The restrictions are returning,
My patience is wearing thin and
I’m tired of people not moving over on the road.

So it’s time,
Tomorrow I’ll give into the road crazies
Getting back to running in the early morning
In the dark, since the drivers don’t watch out anyway,
And my vacation is over…
It’s bullshit.

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