It’s Okay to Turn It Off

This digital piece of paper
Could very nearly be like a canvas
From one of the great painters,
Paintings on top of paintings,
Except the delete button sort of erases everything.

I started a few minutes ago
Writing and ranting of the news coverage
That has taken over the house where we are vacationing.
I’ve nowhere to go, no place to get away,
The volume and the yelling of the hosts is so loud.

So I’ve gone to my secret weapon,
The “Great Gig in the Sky” by Pink Floyd,
On repeat with noise cancelling headphones,
“Turnt” up real loud,
Franti style as, “I want my bass loudy!”

With the the stylized yelling in the song,
I can’t hear the women on TV talking about defunding,
Not the police, but public education,
So the money can go to a small set of people
Who will buy the school systems to make a profit.

And we will suffer…just wait…
When has privatization ever helped
Make the public systems better?
It’s made a very few people richer,
Made us worse off.

So back to “the bubble headed bleach blonde,”
Well put back in the 80s by Don Henley
And the song I used to sing while learning to drive
And ignoring Coach Trudgeon barking, “NO RADIOS,”
As he tried to get us to look over our shoulders as we passed.

Anyway, the lady, with her straightened hair,
It’s aerosol edges sharp, doesn’t seem to care about her work,
Just presenting an image, just cashing a big check,
Not really into her work for anything other
Than her personal gain.

Which gets better if her network’s candidate wins,
And he can defund education,
Create a police state,
Pardon, commute, hire, fire, and whatever else he does to friends
So at this moment, the fifth repeat, I am thankful for Pink Floyd.

Van Gogh, Rembrandt, Leonardo, you would have been frustrated today,
You wouldn’t be satisfied with the digital ease or erasing starts,
Of having to be more sure of your attempts,
Maybe you wouldn’t have a television for the news either…
Pink Floyd gave way to DMB…Ants Marching…

Appropriate for cable news devotees….

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