Stop Sending Me Propaganda

Shutting down the computer last night
Kept me from breaking an addendum to an exercise rule,
“Never run angry,” because the time it took to boot up
Allowed me a moment of peace
To find some understanding.

Maybe it was Big Country on the little speaker,
Maybe it was my petting my dog,
But the extra little bit of time got me past that point
Where I would have been drilling the keys
To make my point about that which had sent me over,

Over an edge of politics, religion, knowledge of an audience,
As people in my circle are sending me emails
Hidden in educational programs
That omit the horrific examples of treachery of some religions
In the guise of teaching children their “right way.”

Now, I’m not one to bash another’s religion,
Believe what you want, just don’t put your shit on me, AND
Acknowledge the things done in the name of your god that
Have been pretty effed up throughout history, especially
The hypocritical puritanical convenience believing practices.

Leave me off your email chains,
I’m politically independent, an issue-crat, leaning to the left,
I believe in something higher than myself, just not sure
Who’s getting it right, so much out there is appealing, but
I’m pretty sure most bastardize the good and make it wrong.

So as the Knack plays, after Modern English, and
Whoever comes next with the playlist that is light and “summery,”
Probably recorded by someone who runs afoul of your
Blinder-wearing religious pie in the effing sky glasses, please
Leave me email free. I should reboot, my temperature is rising.

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