No fireworks, what a drag,
Although, the snap, crackle, and pops
Doesn’t do much for me anymore,
Less for my dog, he scares easily by the booming.

The holiday in the USA has brought some interesting sights,
Phones that don’t float,
Angry dudes in rust bucket mud covered Chevy’s,
Three old ladies having trouble getting out of a Kia,
Any American flag wearing borderline patient patriot
Walking down a busy road returning my salute
As we drove past him,
Countless fire company calls to unknown emergencies,
A return of the karaoke sect down the street,
A flourish-year old taking out the wheel well of an SUV,
The SUV was parked,
At least the kid had a Dragon Ball-Z helmet
So he was not hurt and no damage was done to the auto.

I thought there might be fireworks on that one
As the kid’s mother came running,
The car’s owner came running,
All the while, the five year old sister kept riding her e-bike.

Really, our day was full of ‘Merica,
The craziness that shows the truth of our country
Being a place where all kinds of things are allowed,
Because like they said in The Wire, “we gotta.”
Except when you’re Snot Boogie or some mope from the real world
Who can’t understand that our freedoms are for all people
And you’re warped way of defining what we are
Has to include what the Declaration and Constitution
Say what we are supposed to be,
Which for those of you who didn’t pay attention in school
Means, “together.”
All of us, each and everyone.

On this birthday night,
I’m hoping people can learn that lesson
Despite the fact that there won’t be any fireworks to speak of.

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