Dueling Musicals

Down at one end of the street
Where the renters have taken over
In the next to last house
Overlooking the dunes,
The 80s are alive and well,
A huge speaker is blasting the electronic tunes
Without concern for anyone else on the street.

Way up at our end of the street,
Across the way, where a year rounder resides
The garage set up which usually provides the sounds
Is competing with Human League’s “wanting, baby,”
With a little sophisticated wailing from Josh Groban
That offers just a little competition, only a little, maybe
As it’s only heard when the Karaoke singers don’t know their words.

Two houses, two different vibes,
One musical connection,
One that says my music is what I want to listen to
I’ll make sure I can hear it
Even if that means you have to listen to it as well.
Thank goodness for headphones, this is the summer of Dwight.

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