Board Game Induced Slumber Syndrome

A day in the sun is exhausting, So much so that I fell asleep sitting up While the kids played Monopoly For about four hours. I didn’t sleep that long, But when I woke, There were hotels, mortgaged properties, and That look a player gets when they have no shot. Who really thinks that game is fun? I don’t think I’ve ever won, So I certainly don’t. I’d rather go out and pulverize my joints On asphalt, concrete, or trails in the woods Than watch my play money siphoned away By some snickering family member Who is believing that the game is fun. After the butt kicking put on two-thirds of the kids, We all kind of found our quiet places. I’m sitting here feeling the sun coursing through my skin, The taste of a cherry water ice tickling my tongue, and Waiting for the right time to go back to sleep. This go around I’ll be horizontal so that tomorrow I’ll be revved up and ready to go With everything from today but Monopoly.

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