I Want to Get Away

So much to do,
So much to learn,
But not on a vacation!!
Zoom is killing me, Smalls.

Maybe part of our problem
Is that we can never get away,
That we can never disconnect.
Everything is always on-demand.

Our history is on-demand,
All of its warts, all of its sort of truths
And we are bombarded by the changing tides,
Which we should be for the waters are dirty.

Only, I am wasted, worn, withered,
Opening myself for criticism
Because the issues are too important to be ignored,
And I get that, but to be better, I need to rest.

To recharge, to rehab from the last three months,
And ramp up for the forces that are in view…
Back to school, finding a way for people to understand,
Making sure we all get out and vote.

So keep your Zoom links,
At least for the next few weeks,
I’ll be back stronger and get back to the business
Of doing things that need to be done.

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