That Time of Year

The time is counting down,
A few months from now, we’ll be voting,
A few weeks from now, we might be in school,
A few days from now, I’ll be on a proper vacation.

The sand will be hot.
The waves will be cold.
The wind will blow…hot and cold.
I’ll be lost in the change of scenery.

The last few months have been hard for us all,
Rooms closing in, shutdowns make hellacious jailers,
Masks protect, but also take something away from life,
And all the stresses have added up.

The stupid policing, the noble protests,
The rioting, each taking a toll,
Each providing an opportunity for us to get it right,
But culture is hard to change.

We better keep protesting,
Figuring out how to keep police accountable,
What to do with those who can abide by the rule of law,
DC included.

I’m walking away from it all,
Just for a time, resetting my compass,
Decompressing from the world for awhile.

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