Getting Older, Sneaky Little Bastard

The ways things sneak up on you,

Graduations, high school, college…
Jobs, part-time, full-time, the end of a career…

It seems like they come from nowhere,
One davit’s the hassle of finding a ride,
The next you’re driving,
Then all of sudden people you went to school with
Are having serious health problems or passing on.

These things sneak up on you,

Getting old…
Failing health…

It’s always a shock when the call comes,
Two classmates died over the last two months,
One had a minor stroke,
Another lost a parent, and I’m thinking I should still
Be riding and running like I did as a kid.

Maybe that’s why everything sneaks up on me.


  1. Very definitely. She could have taken life quietly and let her body survive longer. Instead she chose to travel from New Zealand to England for one last time, and burn up a lot of the life left in her. She did not want to focus on her illness, so she didn’t. She was living in the moment too.

  2. It certainly does get weird. The girl who had been a friend since the day we started secondary school over fifty years ago died of cancer. A chunk of history gone.

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