I Don’t Know What I’m Writing

Double bogeyed today,
Too much golf.
Although, I checked in with my youth
Watching some old school NBA
And realizing just how old I’m getting
When I texted a friend and said,
“Basketball was so much better back then.”
How does that happen?
You know,
The way we thing be were better long ago
Maybe it’s a relating thing,
I was young,
I knew the game was supposed to go through the post,
Three pointers were a low percentage risk,
And besides, only a couple of guys could shoot them.
Now it’s dribble, dribble, shoot a three.
Imagine the game without a skyhook,
Makes me sad thinking about it.
But back to golf,
I miss the crowds, it’s not fun watching without them,
Even with the gratuitous cliche cavorting.
Tomorrow is a new day,
I’m going to skip watching sports,
Getting back to doing stuff.
Itzler was right.

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