Courtesy of Social Distancing

I took a page from my dog today,
Played hard then wasted the rest of my time
By sleeping and WATCHING GOLF!!!
Some would snidely say that the two don’t differ…

Finally, some sports to watch,
Albeit without the fans,
Which is okay because I don’t have to hear
The chuckleheads yell, “In the hole.”

The day was looking like a zero
On the afternoon effort level
When an email came that a big box company
Has a squat rack back in stock.

My middle finger hovered over the buy now button
Until I came to my senses,
Checked in on my Flow State DNA profile
And remembered that I like to build things.

Only right now I don’t feel like spending money
Which included the thought of buying more wood
So I dismantled some shelves in a college quality cabinet
Then reassembled them into a stoic’s bench press.

Six pieces of wood, nine screws, and some rearranging
And now we can bench press,
And eat, and pay for all the other stuff we need
Like internet tv so I can watch some more golf tomorrow.

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