Where I Hide

The prompt asked me to describe my favorite hiding place. I don’t have a lot of places that I go to get away. Running, biking, and swimming are things that come to mind as hiding places. I get lost in the rhythms of the exercise and only hear my breathing. It happens when I’m alone or running with the group. At least that’s how I remember it when I ran with a group. It’s been nearly three months.

Thinking about it, though, I think my hiding place is deep inside. It’s that place where imagination and nothing intersect, kind of an active meditation. I went to my fitness center, I mean basement yesterday, to spend ten minutes meditating. I got out of the habit of daily practice back in February and the mood hit me. Figuring that my brain would be all over the place, I set the timer for ten minutes. Two minutes passed before I heard the voice say that it was time to end the meditation. Even I was surprised by how quickly I drifted into wherever I was…I’m going with hiding.

That’s my hiding space, the deep places the mind goes when the flow hits…


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