It’s Been Awhile

The weight of it all caught up with me today.
Running just wasn’t happening,
Legs, lungs, lethargy all working together
To prevent anything meaningful.

The social stuff, the pandemic stuff, the school stuff
A confluence of life’s issues making the day tough,
One where I felt like not doing anything,
Just sitting watching sports like I should on a Sunday.

But that wasn’t possible, I was left with news,
Something I needed to escape from, the talking heads
Having told me all about the houses burning down
And the lack of awareness by that guy acting as President.

So I ran, passing a gaggle of geese less than half a mile
From home, and that’s when the weight took over.
This route, one I’ve run hundreds of times, owned me,
A few seconds of running, a few minutes of walking.

I got my time in, took a chance with a restricted area,
And made it home for dinner.
The Fugitive was on, so I recited the lines for kicks,
Avoiding anything connected with reality.

Tomorrow will come soon, I’ll have to decide,
Rest or continue pushing my limits,
One thing, though, I’m avoiding life,
Sad, but I am worn out. Maybe I should stay in.

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