Together We Are Greater

“Power concedes nothing.”

I think I heard that today on a plug for some show,
These last few weeks have proven it true,
No, five decades have let me see that,
No, it’s been going on forever.
Art illuminating life, again, I suppose.

I’m watching the Lance story on ESPN as I write,
It’s hard to know what he went through,
How much of it was self-inflicted,
But his power was his toxin,
And conceding is not his first inclination.

Earlier, I watched as questions were asked about secret police
Who seem to be guarding a man with power,
Who seems to not respect the rules that allowed him to be him.
He has that same flaw, strength not to concede “nothing.”
Those who voted for him?…Wrong if you ask me.

It’s not like I think those two are the same,
I have consfusion with Lance, sort of Jekyll and Hyde,
His abuses of power are heinous. His charity work top notch.
The other, though, I think nothing of, a charlatan.
I hope those intoxicated by his spell will sober up soon.

Voting is one of the most important things we do,
By recycling the same dreck, we get the same dreck leaders,
This is not some race in France, it’s here, it’s now and
Our country is something much more important than a tv show.
We need to change the channel, this one is as bad as his last.

Neither can we wait until November for racism to concede,
It won’t without a shove. Cultural hate must go away,
Listen to each other, find our way to trust and to acceptance.
We must keep this energy for change and listen carefully
For the chaos machine is in high gear, its noise divisive.

When we come together, as THE PEOPLE, our voices will become loder,
And the chaos will be drowned out, the system will change,
We will be the power in the way it was once dreamed for our country.
Then, instead of corporations, instead of hate mongers, instead of this,
We, THE PEOPLE, will be able to concede that together we are greater.

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