A Prarie Schooner Schooling

Today was spent in my covered wagon
Crossing the Digital Divide
After a life of kind of adopting technology
As an educational tool.

I used to make wagon wheels a long time ago
The precision of the skill the craftsman demonstrated
Was nothing sort of remarkable. Hands, eyes, trees,
All becoming wheels, strong and beautiful.

My job then was to talk about the craft,
To do the unskilled labor like turning the lathe’s wheel
While the real skill happened at the other end,
A perfectly shaped knave, the hub, the wheel’s foundation.

My wagon slogged over the educational mountains
Bouncing off the latest program to show word frequency,
My wagon bogged down in disappointment
As I began to think life is more than point and click.

I’m missing the smell of wood,
The appreciation for sweat,
The texture of books, and most importantly
The excitement in a person’s eyes when they make something.

Something tangible,
Something meaningful,
Something that proves their spirit to be hearty,
Computers, tablets, and phones glaze over excitement with dullness.

A dinosaur, that’s what I am, twenty something years in the game,
I blog, I write on a computer, I snap photos with my phone,
But man how I’d like to just read my stuff to a group,
Each day putting pen to paper, and I can’t bring myself to get rid of my negatives.

Don’t get me wrong, technology is great,
Only I can’t stand how impersonal it is, how cold, how far removed.
And as my wagon goes forward, I know the horseless carriage is far away.
Maybe I’ll just walk from now on.

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