This Isn’t a Film

On a day when power pulverized my stillness,
Somehow I had the guidance
To watch an old movie, The Hill.

I watched it after recommending that my wife watch
Do The Right Thing, which connected to The Hill
Through the great actor, Ossie Davis.

Both movies illuminate what happens when the powerful
Forget that their authority, legitimate or gained,
Should not be abused, either violently or surreptitiously.

Both movies clearly exposed
The consequences of intolerance, mistrust, frustration,
All which lead to tragedy for everyone.

I’m angry that the police can’t seem to figure things out,
I’m angry that the police keep crossing the line
Of what their authority really is.

I don’t want to hear about ‘roid rage like we did,
Or super criminals like we did,
Or any other excuses, like we always do.

Because I am truly sick of people who have power
And don’t know how to use it to benefit all,
Instead only know how to take advantage of us.

Politicians, CEOs, teachers, bosses of all sorts,
The people who answer the phone for the cable company,
I’ve had it, they’ve gone to far, it’s time for a power check.

And my issues are minor, they barely register are the scale of powerful abuses and I can’t know how, but I know something must be done, the major abuses take priority, for

If cinema does truly imitate life, I’m in fear of our futures,
Because 1965’s The Hill showed the respect power has for people,
1989’s Do the Right Thing brought that same vibe only in color.


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