Red, Yellow, Green…or Whatever Color is Most Peaceful

Ima bout to go underground,
The shutdown has been so ugly,
Especially, of late.

Not sure why I’m barking
It’s been pretty easy,
Except for the Shock Doctrine last week or so.

But I’m over this whole thing
The way people treat each other,
The way the people are being treated.

It’s something else,
The free will, the ability to choose,
The lack of respect for our responsibility to all.

It makes me want to retreat,
To get away from the internet,
The one place life is being funneled too.

I want to read, to write, to run
I don’t want to be bothered by web based this
Or app inspired crowd participation for sporting events.

I’m not interested in video games coming to life,
In Zooming with my students like Jane Jetson, or
Whatever is trending according to some egghead logarithm.

Quiet, that’s what I need, not silence,
Just no noise, no static, no fear that if I let my guard down
Someone will take something from me.

Maybe underground is a good place to look,
To find the peace that comes with living,
To find the sweet sounds of life.

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