Baking Therapy

Today was a little more than usual,
I made the mistake of going out,
Ran some errands,
Got a taste of freedom,
Standing in line,
Wearing a mask,
Looking through fogged glasses
Dreaming of how those who are most wanted
Must love being able to put on their protection
And walk anywhere without being recognized.
Then there was the ankle sprain,
Mild, but swelling, no biggie, but on the radar,
Kid drama from adults,
And major-minor surgery for my mom.
That was the shit-kicker,
I mean, who wants anyone having surgery,
Especially now.
Not to mention, governors in
Two commonwealths and two states say
I’m not allowed to drive there to help her.
Harbinger of things to come?
I dread so,
But none of this would be a problem
Without the virus, the plaque, or the running.
So coping skills were needed, I know,
I used my seventh grade Home Economics skills,
That would be Consumer Science to the youth of today,
To bake a cake.
And bake I did, whipping up some of Em’s Nutella cake,
In all of about ten total minutes
Which is good since I only made the Kool-Aid in Home Ec.
The cake, straight out of the microwave was banging,
Two-thirds of my house liked it,
Einstein, the pit bull, would have, but no chocolate for him.
So on this day, when I nearly cracked,
Em’s Nutella cake saved me at least until tomorrow.


  1. Looks great. Going to definitely try. I have a nephew, in his 40s who lives in San Francisco, who lives alone, and to cope has made a huge blanket tent in his apartment, where he keeps his laptop,and boxes of animal crackers that he dips into a 5 lb. tub of Nutella. Miss him. Prayers for your Mom. —CC

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