Keep Getting At It

No, not the NFL draft,
Looking for opportunities,
Something to try,
To do,
To show,
Scanning the maps,
Looking at the times,
Accepting some challenges,
As suggested by the Canadian tri guy.
Can’t wait.

Truth is we can’t quit,
Can’t be stupid, either,
But gusto isn’t built watching others,
That’s the way I see it,
Sometimes imagining
What two runners in my hood see
As they run day after day
Both new to the pursuit
Both keeping everything in sight
Their pace, their commitment, their goals.

I want their vision,
Clear, sharp, unrestricted
Finding the dime on the floor,
See possibility in all of this madness
So it’s off to the races,
These little segments that others have blazed
That I’ll test myself against
Just to see what I can do
If I keep getting at it.

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