#2 (S. Lee)

There is an idea,
That we are capable of anything
When we set our minds to it.
Putting together a process
To help find that success
Is not quite as easy
As believing it’s so.

Dr. Frazier used to say, “Read.”
She knew the answers were in the research,
In all of those stacks of digital articles
Full of hypotheses, and research methods,
Conclusions, and statistics.
Collins might say, “Observe,”
He’d sound like Bruce, “looking out any window,”
Seeing the squirrels, watching their play,
Writing how it made him feel.
Spike might say, “Immersion,”
Soaking in the culture of the time,
Doing his own dance to the music,
Sporting the threads of the an era,
Becoming versed though research.
Each knows,
Each has a process,
Each gets it done.

I have an idea,
I’m capable of a lot more.
I’ve set my mind to it,
Relying on discipline, curiosity, and challenges
To show me the way to that arbitrary ideal, success.
The good doctor, Billy, and Mr. Lee
Are showing me that it can be so.


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