The Briefings Have Given Reading Back To Me

Who reads books?
To quote, Binky Barnes,
“If it was any good they would have made a movie.”

I’m getting back to books.
To quote a bunch of authors,
If you want to get better, you better read.”

I’m finding on these long days,
I can only watch the squirrels dart and dash so much.
My legs are tired from running so much.
The “enable” button in Schoology is killing me.

So, I’m turning to books.
I’ve built a list, digital is kind of cheating, I know,
But I can’t get out
And I’m not waiting for delivery.

I’ll scroll and in one case listen,
I’ll take notes, and in two cases finally, finish,
But I’m in for the enjoyment,
Committed to having fun…to reading.

Here’s the list:

Bamberger, The Second Life of Tiger Woods
Murphy, Golf in the Kingdom (5th or 6th time…)
Goldman, Adventures in the Screen Trade (want to finish)
Gaiman, American Gods (want to finish)
Emerson, Essays (want to finish)

Moon, denali (I’m going to listen to this one…totally unprepared for it, though…can’t wait…)

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