I Watched Five Minutes of Days of Our Lives Today

With nothing but time,
With nothing but digital papers to grade,
It seems logical to drift,
To wander,
Experiencing whatever path Frost took,
Or the other one,
Assuming they weren’t any different,
Maybe not even metaphors for individualism,
Hell, I don’t know,
I’m a poetry infant,
Able to sling the words,
Not so great at understanding.

So with nothing but time,
That bone-crushing soul-sapping super villain,
I’ve been reduced to a dining room chair,
Elbows on a table with many steam burns in the finish,
Ears covered with headphones,
To hear the YouTube videos,
To experience Pink Floyd the way it should be,
Up close, alone,
To cultivate an appreciation of Pearl Jam,
Listening without distraction
To the poetry, the narratives, the experiences
I missed way back when.

It’s time that is giving me these gifts,
Cobra Kai, The Wall, and whatever the Pearl Jam titles are,
It’s time that gets taken,
If we allow it to be done that way,
A run is a run happening in time, the time allowed,
Same for the videos, not time wasted, time enjoyed,
And the music, ah, the music,
Inspiring, massaging, the best of it all,
Poetry, sounds, dismissive a clock’s time,
Nothing wasted.

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