Both Fingers Blazing

I’m sitting,
Kitchen light to the right
Shining like a bulb during murder interrogations.

Vedder covering the Beatles keeps poking my patience,
Each time Eddie sings, “Hey, you’ve got to hide,”
I get a little angrier.

Non-profit corporations,
A contradictory name for an organization
Preaching religiosity,

Is inspiring the anger, letting it rise, this day after Easter,
As the charges for last month show up
And those begging vampires drew blood money from me.

It wouldn’t be so bad, but I asked them not to.
They had been closed for a week, secretly conniving their plea and
Hiding the process to stop payment in a Google Form.

So as I stare at the charge,
Fired up from the appearance of wrongdoing,
I can’t help but think, WWJD?

I mean, hard as this is on all of us,
They should not be poor-mouthing anything
Given the business practices they employ,

Demoting positions to kill off paying benefits,
Robbing Peter to pay for Paul in a borderline Ponzi scheme,
Not getting blood off the locker room walls,

The premium that they are charging is
Getting undercut by new competition,
Which hasn’t been much of a contest for the Association

Because they boast of good Christian values, a family-first focus,
While slumming in the business survival gutter,
That robs from the people, yet, magically their budgets don’t add up.

I’m calling, “Bullshit!” My love hidden away
For a place that was once a palace, a cool place to hang out,
One where the memories can’t sustain the current reality.

I know how this ends, I’ll get a runaround, the charge will be taken
But in about ten days, the call will be changed to a block, a “Cox block”
And I’ll be running whenever I want when a new treadmill gets here.

Then that charge won’t matter and I’ll be like Biff in “Lamb,”
Telling the story of how morality matters to this customer,
And I’ll cancel my membership.

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