I stood from my chair,
Walked over to my sleeping dog,
The evening light from the front door
Still strong enough where I could clearly see
His graying snout and my wrinkled hands.

His heavy breathing was calming,
I took a moment to just pet him,
Thinking of the current madness,
Thinking back as far as I could,
Remembering what has happened.

Grainy memories of Tet and Watergate,
Adolescent patriotism versus Iran and Russia,
The horror of LA, the shock of space shuttles,
Disbelief during 9/11, and
Confusion as to how life goes on now.

History’s calamities painting an aging picture,
The past an unwavering indictment of our worst,
Even so in our present as germs infect lungs, politics, and decency.
Time seems to wreak havoc on society
Much like the grays creep into a snout and wrinkles into hands.

The moment was too beautiful,
This golden hour of light glowing with an ease of spirit.
I sat next to my trusty pit, his soul having been dipped in good,
Leaned my head to his ribs,
And listened to the easy sound of his breathing.

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