Electrical Impulses

Interesting is hard to define,
“That was interesting,” is so different from
“Ooh, that’s so interesting,”
I mean, context is everything, right,

I’ve been watching BBC videos about free will
And it seems that we probably don’t have any,
That’s interesting
Because it goes against just about everything I teach.

Theory, if a neural synapse fires, the electrical currents making that happen
Seem to have already been determined by the relationship of all the other
Electrical activity around us, no choice exists there. So why did my mother
Hassle me all those years about not eating onions?

That decision was out of my hands,
At least that’s the way I’m rationalizing
My dislike of onions
Based on the videos I watched this morning.

But, it was about four in the morning,
A series of thunderstorms had me up earlier
Than I’ve been in a while, so
I might have missed out on understanding all of the deets.

Storms are coming in again tonight
Or early morning, but shouldn’t the weather guessers
Be better at guessing since
All of this stuff seems to have been preprogrammed.

Is it inevitable that the President gets re-elected?
Are we doomed to another massive outbreak of Covid-19
When the restrictions are lifted?
Why don’t I already know?

The whole thing smells of onions.
The awful texture that they have, the cry inducing smell, and
The lack of sensitivity they promote because every recipe
Is chocked full of those disgusting bulbs.

I never liked those effers,
Still don’t, oh, I’ll eat broccoli, now,
Just the tops, but never an onion,
Free will or not.

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