A Mental Flossing


How about these last few weeks,
It’s all a bit maddening,
Too much to believe.

After a day of online meetings,
Juried discussions,
And all around bashing of sanity
Where I couldn’t muster the energy
To run,
To ride, or
Even read a book,

I had to get out.

I grabbed my headphones
And took off for a walk,
No dog,
Just me and my music
Which today was a start to finish listening
Of “Born In the USA,”
For reasons unknown at the time,
But man, what a decision,
And who can really know why in the moment?
Experiences need time to percolate
So later they can resonate
On some other level.

The songs did their trick,
Taking away an edge, letting me get back
To the nightly routine,
A little learning, a little writing, a little Netflix…
Only after the learning, my mental flossing
Still felt incomplete.
The edge was returning
And I wasn’t thinking German detective shows
Would do anything to keep my emotional blade
From sharpening.

“Hit Spotify, dude. Clear things out.”

Gladwell said, “Research, to get off the direction
You THINK you are going.”

At least that’s what I think he said
When I was learning.
And if he didn’t mean that, what happened next
Was just an accident, not the process of
A master’s teaching.

I’ve got an idea struggling to get out,
Something about high school, being a senior,
Born In the USA is out,
A bunch of us go out,
And the idea stalls there.


1984-85…Risky Business…Second run theaters…
Survivor…the music group…I Can’t Hold Back…


YouTube…just as I remembered it…yep…
Trains…North By Northwest…Drama Class…


Your blog, stupid…some Bruce posts…
Music is all over the place…it’s important to you…

And here I am,
Old school, wired headphones plugged in
Jamming to Eric Clapton with concert volume
As I work on the kinks in my brain,
Motherless Children on repeat,
Maybe six or seven replays now
And each time he stretches those strings
I feel like he is wringing out the white matter
In my brain
And bringing me back home.

Now, I can move on in this playlist.

Mental Flossing Therapeutic Protocol (as prescribed by this doctor…)

1 complete listening to “Born In the USA” while walking alone

2 lessons of Malcolm Gladwell’s Masterclass

Writing to the following playlist:

I’m Goin’ Down (Springsteen)
Yell Fire (Franti)
I Can’t Hold Back (Survivor…more on this soon…)
Forever Man (Clapton)
Motherless Children (Clapton…six or seven repeats…flow will hit!)
Good People (Jack Johnson…three repeats)
The Beat Goes On/Soul Bossa Nova (Emilie-Claire Barlow)
Let’s Face the Music and Dance (Diana Krall)


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