Better Get With Something

close up photo of wires on headphones
Photo by Aleks Magnusson on

Every day lately has been a Saturday,
The sky is dark,
Rain is falling,
The lights are off,
My dog is snoring,
I’ve started listening to “Dark Side of the Moon”
As I wonder if I’m wasting
This perfect napping type of day.
I know I should be doing something,
My legs are sore, my back is sore,
Not that running ache,
But the good kind of sore,
Muscular, temporary,
The kind a serious nap on a rainy day
Would do some serious help to.
Tomorrow will be Saturday, again,
Time will go just as it has today,
Although, the sun might be out,
The air fresh,
The trails soaked with water,
Mud all over the place,
Not the best time to run,
But a good day to test this malaise
Where each day is a Saturday.

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