He’s a Distraction

I lost track of my faculties
When I was pouring black pepper
For the kick it would provide
Into my golden milk tonight.
Forgive me palette for ingredient distancing
While I was making the nightly tonic
For I was distracted
And gave a heavy-handed pour.

Almost immediately, I could taste the sting,
Honey, almond milk,
Even ginger and turmeric
Could not hold back the bite of the pepper.
Sneezy ensued, into my sleeve of course,
And my nose began running right away.
That’s what I get.

What I get for not paying attention,
For letting my guard down,
For allowing the President to get in my head
As he used the word, “negotiate,”
To describe helping the governor of New York
Somehow help the people who are sick
With this virus.

I should have blocked that out,
But I didn’t and lost sight of what I needed to do.
With the political bluster blowing through my head
I thought of my friends,
One whose husband works in a hospital,
Another whose son does the same,
And I worried about their families.
Then, I read of baseball players hoping to get back in the game.

My head was about to pop off,
We have people dying, I don’t care about a slugger’s broken ribs
Beyond him not getting sick with Covid,
Sports are not important like they once were,
They will be at some point,
But it’s not time yet, still too soon.
Each sip of the brew reminding me, “pay attention, focus.”

For the time is now for everyone to do their part,
To sacrifice, to think of others,
To understand that we spread the virus,
It does not find us and
When we don’t pay attention
A mound of pepper ends up at the bottom of a mug.
I won’t enjoy this batch,
But I’ll learn from it.


  1. I usually have the right mix, but I wasn’t paying attention this time. I use something from YouTube, just have to be more aware of what I’m doing.

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