Watered Down

Rain is falling, again,
I can’t say I mind
Because I’m hoping people will shelter
Staying away from the places
That might put others at risk.

I broke the rules this morning,
Letting the forecast schedule my workout
Which was okay
Since I committed to riding inside
Instead of pounding the pavement.

The course was out in Cali,
Posted to YouTube and there I was riding
At twenty-eight virtual miles per hour
Jostling for position, until at the end
It was obvious, the camera rider’s soul was gone.

Mine, too, sort of,
Since I tried to match the pace as best I could
On my spinning bike.
Limited to rpm comparisons,
I clocked in at about half the rpm of the soul starved one.

Right about where I thought I’d be,
Half as good as those dudes,
Same as when I run, about half as fast as the fastest,
So I toweled off, changed into dry clothes,
And headed upstairs

Where the coffee was hot, and a sixteen-ounce
Piece of pound cake was waiting for breakfast.
The coffee let loose the flavor of a chunk of ginger
And eventually became a mug of coffee leftovers
Watered down with boiling hot water.

The color of the water gradually going from coffee dark
To water clear and less of a ginger kick with each mug.
Maybe half as strong with each refill,
Perfect for a rainy day,
Watered down.

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