Inclusive Punnett Squares

“Exactly what you want me to be” Wilco, “Handshake Drugs” on, a ghost is born

Over the edge without a rope,
Distance learning is the way,
At least for my foreseeable future,
And all that is left for me to cover,
Is the “birds and the bees,”
Which to me is not that big of a deal,
But to others, IT’S A BIG DEAL.

We’ve all got the parts,
We all seem to figure out how to use them,
It’s just that some folks
Use them differently than others,
Or some don’t see themselves
As those all too convenient labels, we grew up with.

It’s a shame attitudes, values, and language
Don’t grow, mature, or evolve
The same way people do.
I mean, people still get hung up on skin color
Or bank accounts, and there’s no way
To expect that they would even begin to understand
The alphabet organizations
That has so many of them in a tither.

I’m only out to teach the reproductive systems,
Is it so hard to imagine that they are not defined by rules
Like when is a man or woman a woman?
F8#K if I know, but I’ve learned enough to know,
Social convenience ain’t always right
Because it doesn’t take into consideration
That life is not black or white,
That gray is in there
And there are lots of combinations to get from
One to another.

So, today, I’ll finish a presentation
On the human reproductive systems,
Using the time away from school,
Away from institutional biases,
And under a charge from my boss
To take a chance, do something with some risk,
And I’ll teach lessons that are gender-inclusive.

I’m sure somebody will get mad,
To them, I throw out the age-old cliche,
“Better to be pissed off than pissed on,”
And if they happen to have been born with ovaries and a vagina,
The urethra is not part of the reproductive system,
For those born with testicles and a penis,
(Two brains and one circulatory system-See Sean Joseph O’Reilly)
The urethra is part of the reproductive system.
Sometimes, though, things get combined,
So you see, no rules…

With that, the unit begins…

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