Streaming Trio

Like many, I’m working from home and waiting for a “Zoom” meeting to start. To pass the time, I’ve been streaming some music. Each of the poems in this set was written in the time it took for the respective songs to play. Not sure that’s important, but I had a manic wave of energy. For the record, “Spiders” might be my favorite song…


Ginger water,
Pound cake, and
Wilco blasting “Spiders”
Through my headphones.

Ten-minutes of bite,
Sweetness, and
Soothing guitar distortion
Punctuated with, “It’s good to be alone.”

Which we all know,
As the sheltering continues
And we look for ways to manage
Being on restriction.

And then music in our heads pounds,
We realize that we are more than the electronics
That has taken over our lives,
We reclaim ourselves.

Writing, Exercising,
It’s cold, but we go out,
Walking, soaking in the sun.

Unafraid to walk through the webs
That are holding us back,
Respectful of our place
In making sure things don’t get worse.

All we have are the ten-minutes,
Played on repeat, the same song,
And we choose to be stir crazy or not,
“It’s good to be alone…”

Because we have the power to be
How we want to be,
Frustrated by the new way
Or empowered by the opportunity to change

To get away from our old routines,
To embrace the possibility that the current waves allow.
Just like combining ginger water, poundcake, Wilco…


So it goes,
What can I get done
In two minutes,
I can venture outside,
I can write this poem,
Damnit, I can live,
Instead of dropping into the pit of pity
Where we are sick of the lockdown,
Wasting away at a record pace.
This is how it is,
And as Nick sang,
“No one knows where it goes.”


The Replacements are up,
Singing this song I’ve never heard,
“I Will Dare,”
And this is my recording of thoughts
About how I’m doing with the sheltering,
I will dare
Dare to stay patient,
Dare to know if I become positive, it’s bad to be out,
Dare to know that if I’m negative thinking,
I can’t bring positivity to the situation,
Something we all need to keep others
From becoming patients.

Everyone, dare,
Dare to take care of yourself,
Your family, and
Everyone in your community.

Double dog dare you.

Half hour until them meeting…

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