Sheltered Six-Word Stories

I’ve been doing six-word stories for a couple of years and never done anything with them. These are the ones that I’ve written since my school was shut down on 3/13. There’s one extra for my peeps from the Y…

3/13: Dark acoustic folk raised his spirits.
3/14: Oops…missed that day…
3/15: The virus brought fear and panic.
3/16: Spicy food brought him greater immunity.
3/17: Everything will change after the virus.
3/18: Hanging out required some social distance.
3/19: Is Earth self-correcting with the coronavirus?
3/20: He was riding across America…virtually.
3/21: Deep breaths filled his lungs easily.
3/22: Tensions started to rise with time.
3/23: Losing Twitter set his mind free.
3/24: He wore out another writing pen.

And the bonus…

2/20: Deepwater squats are borderline fitness enemas.

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