“It’s funny, humans tend to hatch our most challenging goals and dreams, the ones that demand the our greatest effort yet promise absolutely nothing, when we are tucked into our comfort zones.” David Goggins

A couple of days ago, I had a dream,
One inspired while in the sort of lockdown
We are all in,
I was sitting on my couch,
Probably pawing a bag of peanut M&Ms
When I thought,

“I’m going to ride, run, walk, and swim 4,215 miles
In about three or four months.”

It sounded good in my head,
Indoors and outdoors, a simple process of adding up miles
Checking them off, and before long,
I’d be heading into the Yorktown Pub
To enjoy a prime rib sandwich and maybe even
A once in a lifetime return to an adult beverage.

Today I hit the trails,
The second day of my mission,
The tall trees held back the cold March winds,
Coronavirus kept back the crowds.
My pace was steady and instead of heading straight,
I turned left heading on a never before run on trail,
The hills, the twists, the turns took me
Across to the other side of the river, well, creek,
But it might as well be a river because
There’s no good place to cross.

The new trails kept everything fresh,
People strolled on the other side,
No one was with me
Except the regular sound of my deep breaths,
The exhortation to push off Orton style, and
The realization that I’m not ready to run
All the way across the country.

Charlie Bailey unexpectedly disappeared
And I found myself running the David English trial,
Road crossings, bridges, and finally a neighborhood
Were all on my way.
I was getting tired, feeling cold, not sure of how to get back
Other than to turn around,
And face all those hills again.

Finally, the years of running these trails paid off,
I recognized a road, knew to turn there, and was back on track.
The path became familiar,
My gait smoothed out,
Confidence began to win out.

Four miles later, with eleven done,
I was back at my car.
I sat in the hatchback for the first time
Feeling that great feeling of finishing a run,
The kind of run that is new, challenging,
The beginning of something.
The initial couch optimism that was in me
Right after I hatch this harebrained idea,
The feeling of hubris that inspired me to invite others
To attempt this madness,
Was met with a reality that this shit is going to be hard,
Will take longer than I thought, and
Might be the biggest thing I’ve attempted, yet.

It’ll be over when it’s over,
Done when I’m finished.

***4215.2-miles by 12/31/2020? I’ll get it done. [4,197.7 to go…]

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